Reel & Resume

            Allison Reeves            SAG/AFTRA     AEA


Outlander                           Doctor              Keanu Mayo Productions

Celebrity Ghost Stories       Chaka Khan     Biography Channel

One Life To Live                    ICU Nurse        ABC TV

FERGUSON                          Ciara Jenkins    Theatre Verite Collective

G.I.R.L.                                    Tina                   A Vokel Productions

ParaNegro Activity                Lisa                    DABU 2 Productions                                                                                       & IR Productions

gus                                          Edie Bleu           Artful Dodger Productions

Mr. Moonlight                       Secretary           Estes Enterprises

I’m Voting Republican         Elaine Franklin   Synthetic Human Pictures


Rose and The Rime        Gracie         Scared Fools Theater

When Stars Align                Rose/          Odyssey Theatre Ensemble                                                   Brothel Woman #1

The Human Spirit               Tutu Mandika    Odyssey Theatre Ensemble                                                                            Stella Adler Theater

The Illusion                          Elica/Lyse/Clarina  PlayMakers Rep. Co.*

The Bluest Eye                     Claudia McTeer       PlayMakers Rep. Co.,                                                                                       dir:  Trezana Beverely

String of Pearls                     Woman #4              PlayMakers Rep. Co.

The Front Page                     Peggy Grant (U/S)  PlayMakers Rep. Co.,                                                                                       dir: Gene Saks

Caesar & Cleopatra              Iras                           PlayMakers Rep. Co.,                                                                                    dir:  David Hammond

Last of the Line                  Cornelia Jameson     PlayMakers Rep. Co.,                                                                                   dir:  Samm-Art Williams

Full Moon                           Ora Lee Gaskin          PRC2                                                                                                                 dir:  Benny Sato Ambush

Twelfth Night                    Olivia                           PRC2

Straight From The Rib        Woman #7              The Triad NYC

The Piano Lesson                Grace                       Workshop Theater

Among Roses & The Ash     Wife                         WOW Café Theater

North of Providence            Carol                        Weist Barron Studios

*Considered the leading theatre of the Carolinas, the company has been honored by the Drama League of New York as one of the best regional theatres in the country.


Squatters                              Subway Girl     Toad Hop Entertainment/                                                                 


MFA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Shakespeare:  David Hammond

Acting: Joan Darling;   Scene Study:  Harris Yulin, Joan Twekesbury, George Grizzard, Caryn West, Jessica Kubzansky

Voice & Speech: Bonnie Raphael; Viewpoints: Anne Bogart

Keuka College, Keuka Park, NY:  B.S. Hotel, Restaurant, Resort Management

Skills:  Modern, Ballet & African Dance, Kickboxing, Ice-Skating, Aikido, Singing

(High C to Low G), Yoga, Passport

Dialects:  British, South African, Southern (Plantation) NY, Hispanic

Local Hire:  New York/NYC, New Jersey, Atlanta, New Orleans


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