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55e27b52072aelasa_wsa_image_210x210“The play kicks off when Henry, the teenaged son of a wealthy plantation owner, rapes a young woman, Rose (affecting Allison Reeves), in the cotton fields in full view of the other slaves.” Paul Myrvold’s Theatre – Paul Myrvold

“One of the most effective, gut-wrenching death scenes I’ve experienced in Los Angeles theatre has to be of Faris and Rose. Few as the re-captured escaped slave Faris and (a most vulnerable Allison Reeves) as his grieving lover — rivers of tears inducing! Bravo, Few and Reeves!”  Broadway World – Gil Kaan

“An accomplished cast and production design team join forces to bring When Stars Align to vibrant life on the Odyssey stage in ways its script can only suggest.  Allison Reeves and Nic Few make powerful impressions in their romance as star-crossed slaves Rose and Faris.”  Stage Scene – Steven Stanley

Los Angeles Times; September, 2015

9781452033068“The actors selected by the production team for this presentation go beyond simply depicting the events.  Their commitment is so extraordinary you almost feel that you are there, in the heat of the action.” – Jose Ruiz

“Each of the three actresses brings their heart and soul into their role, pulling you into their lives and heartbreak.”  Broadway World – Shari Berrett

“Reeves conveys TuTu’s early innocence and later                 tough façade with skill” Talkin’ – Terry Morgan

Huffington Post;  May, 2014

The Hollywood Reporter;  June, 2014


 PlayMakers Repertory Company: This Illusion Is Simply Fabulous, Live Theater at Its Finest

“Allison Reeves heightens the show’s hilarity with her sassy portrayal of the three headstrong ladies’ maids and confidants Elicia/Lyse/Clarina. Don’t you dare miss it.” Classical Voice of North Carolina – Robert W. McDowell


The Bluest Eye                                                      The Independent -Byron Woods



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