Allison Reeves

cropped-img_26481.jpgTheater, Film, Television Actor, Writer, Producer

Allison Reeves & her “6 Degrees of Mary Tyler Moore”  

Quick Facts                                Name: Allison Reeves                 Occupation: Theater Actor,       Film/Television Actor              Birth Date: January 1st                Education: University of North  Carolina, Chapel Hill, MFA      Place of Birth:  Brooklyn, NY      Zodiac Sign: Capricorn              

Los Angeles based actor Allison Reeves has worked with some legendary icons in the theater: Gene Saks, George Grizzard and Trazana Beverley, but her Mary Tyler Moore connection holds a special place in her heart.

New York, NY, August 15, 2011 –(M.E.T.)–The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 70s was the equivalent of a Glee now-a-days. Not in concept, nor . . .well not in much of anything else other than popularity. America was in love with Mary!


TV Guide ranked the ‘Chuckles Finally Bites the Dust’ episode on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as FIRST in its “100 Greatest Episodes Of All Time”. The show was directed by actress-turned-director Joan Darling. For her first shot behind the camera, Joan was nominated for an Emmy.

Joan took her knowledge bundle and went South to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There she became Allison’s teacher. To fans of 60s & 70s TV where Normal Lear’s CUTTING EDGE shared Prime-Time space with Sidney Sheldon’s WHOLESOME FANTASIES this is HUGE. On the theater side it’s like finding an acting coach in New York with only one degree of separation from Strasberg or Hagen or Adler.

Mr. Moonlight was a product of that relationship. Click to take a look.

Allison recently booked & is preparing to reprise the role of Tutu Mandika in THE HUMAN SPIRIT, showing at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble in West Los Angeles.  She can also been seen on a small screen near you in  CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES. And guess what? She’s playing ICON . . . Chaka Khan.


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